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 Earth & Wheel

Custom Horse Hair  Pottery by Sandy Schulz

  Custom Created! Create a beloved keepsake, memorial or wonderful gift from your horse’s own hair! A work of art that you will treasure for years, Custom Made Horse hair Pottery.

  Horse hair pottery was originally created by Native Americans who use the natural world around them to decorate their art. They made their pottery to celebrate the birth of a horse. Sandy Schulz has practiced the ancient art of horse hair pottery for more than 20 years. Today, Sandy helps horse lovers honor and remember their cherished friends with her custom pieces. 

  Earth & Wheel Pottery is not mass produced. Each piece is completely unique, from hand throwing the pottery to the application of the horse hair. Horse hair pottery has no glaze on it. Bringing the coarse hair of a horse’s tail in contact with a glowing hot pot creates the unique and intricate one of a kind design. A handful of the horse’s tail hair is all that is needed to make the piece of pottery but the longer the better. Fired outdoors, the designs in Earth & Wheel Pottery are guided by how strong the wind is blowing, the coarseness of the horse’s tail hair, and how the fire and smoke surround the piece while being fired.

  Sandy’s horse hair firing techniques are well known by other artists and art students. She often mentors others on the decorating and firing techniques she has perfected. With an appointment, horse owners can come to her Chesterfield, MO studio and be part of the process of making your one of a kind piece of art.


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