Finished custom horse hair pottery

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Custom Horse Hair & Southwest Pit-Fired Pottery

Sandy Schulz has practiced the ancient art of horse hair pottery for more than 10 years.

Native Americans made horse hair pottery to celebrate of the birth of a great horse.  Today, Sandy helps horse lovers honor and remember their cherished friends.  Carefully laying horse tail hair on the heated creamy white pottery creates a beautiful, unique veined effect.  Each finished piece becomes a lasting memory or ongoing celebration of a much loved friend.

Custom Horse Hair PotteryCustom Horse Hair PotteryCustom Horse Hair Pottery Leaf






“I don’t mass produce pottery.  Each piece is completely unique, from hand throwing the pottery to the application of the horse hair.  I include the horse’s name on the bottom of the piece and sometimes weave a horse hair braid or tassel to decorate the pottery.  It’s all a very spiritual experience for me,” says Ms. Schulz.  “And when owners receive their pottery they often feel very connected to their horse, the spirits and nature.”

Pit Fired PotteryPit Fired PotteryPit fire pottery

Sandy’s Southwest pit firing techniques are well known by other artists and art students.  She often mentors others on the Southwest decorating and firing techniques she has perfected.  When you visit one her demonstrations, you can see first hand how coffee grounds, sawdust, banana peels, and even cow pies, create unique natural designs during the firing process.

Earth and Wheel Pottery is located in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Sandy is consistently inspired by nature and continues to honor the ancient design techniques of our Native American tribes.